Wood Shutters

Window shutters are classic and timeless, lending beauty and value to a home. Wood shutters are a great option when given a choice. Wood allows us to craft the best looking shutter. By using wood as the base, we are able to bend and mold the wood into just about any shape we need. Wood is the best option when covering difficult arches and / or angles.

Composite Shutters

Our Composite shutters are well-designed, long-lasting, and reasonably priced. Composite shutters come in multiple color options and construction designs. Many of our customers absolutely love these products because they combine the timeless elegance of plantation shutters with a reasonable price tag. Composite Shutters includes a warranty up to 25 years.

Mirage Shutters

Mirage is a plantation shutter with uniquely shaped louvers that take the ambient glow of sunlight and shapes that glow into stunning, breathtaking patterns.We have nine unique designs that will add a new sense of texture to any environment. Mirage offers custom paints and stains, and has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Mirage Shutters

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